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  » Maximum performance
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  » Mood enhancement
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Be on your A game
Need an edge? Who doesn’t? It’s time to get your head in the game.. without losing sleep!
Here’s a solution that any student could use for a late night "cram-sesh"--the ability to learn--and fast!

Epiphany D1 helps you hard-wire your mind to be “on point” anytime, all the time. Put Epiphany D1 to the test before, during, and after every test to watch your performance accelerate to new heights using this cutting edge cognitive enhancement formula!
Create more AHA! moments

Nootropics are a group of compounds that have been extensively studied for their ability to:
» Promote crisp memory
» Help increase focus and concentration
» Boost mental clarity
» Promote an optimistic mindset

Nootropics have been available for years to enhance mental performance but never before like this! Epiphany D1 is designed to lift your mind to a higher state of consciousness.
Hit the books running!

A 3am cram-session becomes an utter
nightmare when the information just won’t
seem to sink in. Total recall would be a
scientific miracle, but here’s a dose of
reality--crystal clear focus and razor sharp
memory may be just a pill away!

Epiphany D1 gives you the edge you need to get to the
head of the class! Every good cram-session junkie wants
the ability to upload information like a super computer. Experience more
of those “ah-ha” moments with Epiphany’s super-stack of synergistic ingredients.

When nootropics are stacket, they produce a combined effect greater than any one ingredient on its own, a concept known as synergy. By combining these “designer brain foods”, Epiphany D1 helps elevate your creative brain function - you have to feel it to understand.

Nootropics are a class of compounds used by those looking to improve the most important functions of the brain -- attention span, focus and memory. Previously, these substances were available to be used separately. But now, Epiphany D1 provides you with the hottest ingredients in mental performance enhancement - a complex “stack” of pharmaceutical grade ingredients, all crammed into one pill!
Organize Your Mind! increase efficiency!

No Prescription Needed

Add and ADHD are more prevalent than ever before. The number of college students taking prescription drugs to keep focused is steadily growing every year. At this point it is believed that almost 30% of students are using meds either legally or illegally. Most college students taking these prescription drugs illegally do so to keep up with all the home work and competition not realizing that there are huge fines for taking someone else’s prescription drugs. Just for purchasing drugs illegally could send a person to prision for many years with over a $ 10.000 fine.

Selling the drugs to friends could cost over a
million dollars in fines and several years in jail.
The bottom line is it is not safe to take powerful
drugs that are not prescribed.

Feel good about having fun - when you get stuff done!